Racism and Democracy

Panel discussion with Jelani Cobb, Mary Hooks, and Bitta Mostofi, moderated by Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole.


CHANGE: A World Without Prisons
Democratic CHANGE: A World Without Prisons

Ruth Wilson Gilmore in conversation with Mariame Kaba.


CHANGE: Work in 2020 and Beyond
Democratic CHANGE: Work in 2020 and Beyond

Felicia Wong, Michelle Holder, Paul Krugman, and Brigid Schulte discuss the pandemic’s effects on the U.S. workforce.


Conference on Coalitional Democracy
Conference on Coalitional Democracy
Three panels will discuss the latest thinking on coalitions and their relationship to political parties and social movements.


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In fall 2018 The Graduate Center, CUNY launched The Promise and Perils of Democracy to examine the state of democracy and envision its future in a rapidly changing world. 

This website encapsulates the ideas shared by leaders and scholars from The Graduate Center and across the world. It has become a resource to many, especially amid the crises and turmoil of the last few years. We invite you to explore the event videos, news, and scholarship posted here.

Watch for news about the project’s final, culminating event, expected later in 2021. 

Our deep thanks to Carnegie Corporation of New York for its generous support of this vital project.

2710, 2020

Spurring Democratic CHANGE Through Coalitions – Panel 3

October 27, 2020|Events|

Ruth Milkman, professor of sociology at The Graduate Center and at the School of Labor and Urban Studies, CUNY, moderated the third and final panel of the Coalitional Democracy Conference. In her opening remarks she traced the transformation of the labor movement from a sometimes conservative, domineering, or solitary actor to one that came to include groups previously seen as threats, such as immigrants and environmental organizations, or the blue-green alliance.

2710, 2020

Spurring Democratic CHANGE Through Coalitions – Panel 2

October 27, 2020|Events|

Professor John Mollenkopf from the Political Science program at The Graduate Center, CUNY moderated the second panel of the Coalitional Democracy Conference on coalitions and political parties. He set the stage by describing the particularities of the two-party system in the U.S., which make it difficult to forge majority coalitions in a period of deep elite polarization and latent conflict between social and economic groups, perhaps especially within the Democratic Party.

2110, 2020

Democratic CHANGE: Spurring Democratic Change Through Coalitions – Panel 1

October 21, 2020|Events|

The first panel focused on the “Theory and Practice of Coalitions.” The panel was moderated by Dara Z. Strolovitch, who began by recognizing the expansive roots of these ideas in Black feminist work of the 1970s and 1980s. The panelists then set the stage for the rest of the conference by discussing the challenges of agenda-setting and issue inclusion, differences in coalition design on the right and the left, identity conflicts internal to organizations, and the role of popular political culture more generally in forging or foreclosing democratic coalitions.

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