In 2019, a turbulent last year of the decade, complete with major implications for democracy such as climate change and increasing inequality, the “The Promise and Perils of Democracy” project was in full swing. Our events highlighted issues as the role of justice in democracies and  the judiciary in the US, freedom of the press, and explored tensions at the intersection of capitalism and democracy. We also detailed threats to democracy, such as race and inequality within and internationally, among democracies, and went to the heart of the new “conspiracism.” 

The Graduate Center community and CUNY scholarship framed these important democratic themes. Research and book projects were published on school segregation, climate change, and on the future of capitalism. Many more are underway. Through The Thought Project, a Graduate Center run podcast, the broad range of Graduate Center researchers working on democracy-related questions becomes even more visible. In 2019 the podcast invited  immigration researchers, Gradate Center experts weighing in on Presidential elections as well as the ongoing impeachment process concerning President Donald J. Trump. Further democracy-relevant themes concern  racial issues in college-admissions, and many, many more.

In the face of climate change, increasing inequalities and threats of war is becoming clear that democracy needs new visions. In Spring 2020, “The Promise and Perils of Democracy” will focus on “Visions for Democracy,” alongside Graduate Center and CUNY scholars, who will continue the important work on democratic issues. Please stay tuned for our Spring schedule and news.