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UNDP calls for temporary basic income to slow pandemic

The United Nations Development Agency UNDP calls for a temporary basic income (TBI) to mitigate the effects of the Covid pandemic in developing countries and to slow the spread of the disease. In a study published yesterday, the agency identifies three policy options for a TBI that would guarantee a [...]

July 24, 2020|News|

A politically divided Poland after presidential elections

Sunday’s presidential elections in Poland have left a country deeply divided between rural and urban areas. President Andrzej Duda won a narrow victory, defeating Warsaw’s mayor Rafal Trzaskowski who ran on a liberal platform. Mr. Duda, on the other hand, ran a fierce homophobic campaign. Gay men and lesbians living in [...]

July 17, 2020|News|

How Covid disrupts elections on the African continent

The Coronavirus outbreak has disrupted elections in the Global North. In France, for example, fear of the virus was among the reasons cited for the near record-low turnout in Sunday’s second round of municipal elections. In the US, 16 states have delayed their primaries over contagion concerns. If rich economies [...]

July 3, 2020|News|

“Democracy is under threat” – The pandemic and the state of democracy

Governments around the globe are increasingly leaning towards autocratic modes of governance and rhetoric. In an open letter, signed by more than 500 former world leaders and Nobel price winners, along with a number of organizations and institutions, the authors at IDEA, an intergovernmental organization for the promotion of democracy, [...]

June 29, 2020|News|
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