POSTPONED: Pop-Up Salon: Surveillance and Research

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Democracy Pop Up Salon events at the GC Library

In this pop-up, Sarah Lamdan—a librarian and professor at CUNY School of Law—reveals how companies providing journals and databases to libraries have morphed into giant “data analytics” corporations, even selling personal data information to fuel law enforcement surveillance, including ICE’s Palantir program. What does it mean for privacy and intellectual freedom when the software programs patrons rely on support unethical practices including tracking, detention, and deportation?

We invite students, faculty, and the general public to participate in The Graduate Center’s new Pop-Up Salons. Held in the front area of the Mina Rees Library’s first floor—at the corner of 34th Street and Fifth Avenue—this spring’s Pop-Up Salons focus on threats to privacy in our technological world and the role of the library as an open place for information in a democratic society.

Attendance is free and no registration required.