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​CHANGE: How Artists Lead the Way


Artists have always been at the forefront of cultural change, frequently pointing us in the direction of a more equal and democratic society. Often before the rest of the culture is ready, the artist plays a central role in questioning assumptions, visualizing new structures, and picturing a better world to live in.

CHANGE: Climate Action After COVID-19

One possible silver lining of the pandemic—seen in empty city streets and unpolluted skylines—has been a glimpse of what a cleaner, low-carbon future could look like.

Conference on Coalitional Democracy

In these tumultuous times, new forms of activism and political engagement are needed more than ever. Movements to expand the social safety net in response to the devastation of the coronavirus, along with the Black Lives Matter protests, are working both inside and outside of electoral politics, with on-the-ground activists often taking the lead.